Meet Our Leader Ilgar Mammadov


Ilgar Mammadov is the leader of new generation of politicians – Republican Alternative Party. Life story of him is the life story of the new generation fighting for the values: to establish free and fair state, to create system leans on competition and transparency, to form society reflects progress and prosperity.

Ilgar Mammadov took part in political processes from young ages. A deep commitment to the ideas forced him to give up on financial means for personal life and to establish activities on political and public interests. The political experiences gained over the years paved him the way as chairperson of a new political organization Republican Alternative to assemble the team with a strong intellectual and professional potential.

He was arrested in February 2013 and so far has been with the people all the time. He was the only political leader who was on the pitch together with the youth in "End to soldiers' deaths" march. He was the only political leader that went to ordinary people and interested in their demands whether in Guba, or in Ismayilli events, as well as during the protests the Bina traders in 2012-2013.

Today, more than 4 years, Ilgar Mammadov, despite being innocent, simply because of being the main alternative and opponent of the current government, is in prison. Ilgar Mammadov, steadfastnessly resisting the pressures against him in prison, could successfully increase the number of his followers over the years as a resolute leader.


Ilgar Mammadov is married and he has a daughter. Aysel was 9 when he was arrested. Aysel understood the essence of happenings says, “My father was unjustly detained, he is a hero” even though she is a kid. Characteristic that Ilgar Mammadov advised his daughter is to be honest and haughty. “The way to progress and prosperity goes through education, now what you should do is to gain knowledge.” – He says these words to his daughter in each their meeting. He helps to Aysel’s homework during the 15 minutes phone calls, even when twice a month she visits him in the prison, does not put aside the control her lessons. He, as a father, fights for the society where his daughter could live happy.



Ilgar Mammadov was one of the suggesters and founders of the idea of Republican Alternative Movement. As chairperson of the Board of REAL he gathered educated and honest people around himself. The party building process of REAL Movement has been started at the moment. Despite being imprisoned, Ilgar Mammadov as chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Republican Alternative Party supervises this process personally. He accomplishes this case on the basis of accumulated knowledge and experiences throughtout the years.

Ilgar Mammadov who was born in a family of scientists in the summer of 1970, graduated ten-years-secondary school in Baku. The first higher education he got at the oldest institution in Russia - Moscow State University. Then he graduated master's degree in policital economy in the Central European University situated in Budapest. Between these times, he served in the military service in the cold outskirts of the USSR.

Ilgar Mammadov has begun his first work experience in the position of consultant to the International Monetary Fund. Due to strategic vision for the development of the region, Ilgar Mammadov was elected to the Advisory Council of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation Fund. Taking into account the initiatives in the filed of oil revenue management, Ilgar Mammadov was elected as a member of the Advisory Council to the other international organization - The Revenue Watch Institute. Well-known political leaders around the world are represented in the both councils. Moreover, since 2006, Ilgar Mammadov served as board member of Open society Foundation in Azerbaijan (Soros Foundation), and also as a member The Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies and director of the same organization in Azerbaijan.

Hence Ilgar Mammadov operated as advisor and speaker of NATO, UN, European Union and a number of other international organizations. He most often has raised the issues of Karabakh and Zangezur in all official and unofficial meetings with foreign diplomats.