Who we are

We know what we stand for. We know what we go through. We know what we face. We know what it takes.

Republican Alternative was founded in 2009 by the new generation of politicians. The initial goal of our organization was to oppose the proposal to hold the referendum with a view to lifting the presidential term limit in the Constitution. We believe that the removal of that limit from the Constitution is detrimental to the very core of the Republic, since it created an opportunity for one person to grab the power.   

Republican Alternative aims at building a republic with a government of, by and for the people. Our goal is to introduce constitutional reforms with a view to bringing about serious democratic changes, so that our country be governed by rule of law.

Republican Alternative strives to get domestic laws be just and be fairly applied. To achieve that, we will reform the law-enforcement bodies, so that every citizen becomes effectively equal before the law and the court, and administration of justice becomes fair.


Republican Alternative aims at building a prosperous state, based on respect for human dignity. To get there, we will eliminate the practice of illegitimate interference by the state with the entrepreneurial freedoms, will build an added-value creating economy, modern and qualitative education and public health systems. In addition to that, we will significantly deregulate the cultural sphere, so that artists and other people with creative mind could have genuine freedom of expression.

Republican Alternative envisions our country as a society free from irresponsible speculations about our past, so that the history could no longer be manipulated for the present-day political goals.

We want our country to remain independent, our people to be wealthy and healthy, our youth to be well-educated, dignified and ambitious, our state to be fair and just, and our future to be bright.

In January 2014 we decided to transform Republican Alternative from movement to political party. The initiative group was formed with a view to formally accomplish this mission.  


The Program

The Program

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